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Seeking counseling can be a difficult process, emotionally and otherwise. It can be straining for people, especially those that might be afflicted with social or other mental health issues, to open up to a stranger. At Open Arms Counseling LLC, we make every effort to make our clients feel welcomed and unjudged when they walk in through our doors. We provide counseling in Henderson, NV to people with a variety of needs.

We provide traditional individual therapy, as well as family therapy, couples therapy, play therapy, and group therapy. Individual therapy is suited to individuals who want to work one-on-one with a therapist, discussing their own issues. We work with people of all kinds and are highly trained and qualified to deal with a wide assortment of needs.

Family therapy is best for clients that want to work as a family unit to address and solve issues dealing with their family dynamics. Whether your family is going through a separation or divorce, the illness or passing of a family member or other loved one, or even general discordance within the family unit, our skilled counselors at Open Arms Counseling LLC will help your family address the situation, as well as provide mediation.

Our play therapy is a type of therapy that utilizes playful techniques to encourage the expression of fantasies and feelings. Play therapy is especially helpful for children but can also be used in a variety of situations. Group therapy is useful for addressing issues that might be best handled in a group setting. Usually the group will all have experienced the same issue, enabling them to lean on one another for support, as well as challenge and examine each other—which often serves to further their own recovery.

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